Jon Boyz BBQ specializes in freshly smoked chicken, pork and beef.

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 We cater events & will cook at your next family function or event.


BBQ Catering

Jon Boyz BBQ Shack will cater your next event or office party. BBQ, sides and desert will all be on the menu.

Jon Boyz BBQ Shack Caters for groups of all sizes, and will impress even your most particular BBQ lovers.

Jon Boyz BBQ

Catering Rates 2-1-15

Complete Catering Package (Guaranteed per person portions)

Per person prices that include buns and dining accessories: plates, eating utensils, condiments & serving utensils.

1 Meat Plus:
2 Sides 3 Sides 4 Sides
Pork: 9.50 11.00 12.50
Beef: 10.00 11.50 13.00
Beef Brisket: 10.00 11.50 13.00
Chicken: 9.50 11.00 12.50

Sides: Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw Mac & Cheese, Baked Beans, Mashed Potato’s & Gravy, Green Beans, Apple Crisp, and Peach Cobbler

Food Only

Bulk Items do not include utensils or buns.

1lb of meat feeds about 4 people based on a 4oz serving size


Pulled Meats 1-4lbs. 5+ lbs.
Pork: 12.00 11.00
Beef: 13.00 12.00
Beef Brisket: 15.00 14.00
Chicken: 14.00 13.00

Buns 50 cents each.

Note: Please add $3.50 per person for each meat if interested in more than one meat for everyone.

Small 1 Gallon Pan – 10’’x11”x2” Feeds about 20 people based on a 4oz. serving size

Large 2 Gallon Pan – 20”x12x2.0” Feeds about 40 people based on a 4 oz. serving size

Side Dishes:
Small Pan Large Pan
Potato Salad: 22.00 44.00
Macaroni Salad: 23.00 46.00
Coleslaw: 20.00 40.00
Mac & Cheese: 31.00 61.00
Baked Beans: 21.00 42.00
Green beans: 22.00 44.00
Mashed Potato’s & Gravy: 22.00 44.00
Apple Crisp: 23.00 45.00
Peach Cobbler: 23.00 45.00

Delivery fees may vary depending on location and order size, please call for details.

*tax is not included in the above prices

* *Customized catering orders are available please call for a quote.

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